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Dear friends,

due to the current situation, we would like to make a few comments about our residency partners and how we organise our work:

Recently there have been some worrying reports about working practices in connection with our partner In Situ. We take these information seriously and are looking into the situation in detail.

First, it is important to know that In Situ is our PR partner and not primarily an institution that hosts the project's residents. Consequently, we are not planning any residencies at In Situ as part of the current open call.

Regarding our cooperation partners for residencies within the project, we can assure you: the PerspAKTIV team carefully examines all institutions and chooses only those in which we are confident that our residents are in safe hands and will benefit professionally from going through their residency. We also conclude appropriate appropriate contracts and accompany our residents throughout their stay.

We are aware of the great responsibility we have in implementing this programme, and we do our best to live up to it.
Residency and cultural exchange project PerspAKTIV for artists and cultural workers from Belarus